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What is an executive summary?

The executive summary provides the reader of a business plan a unique opportunity to rapidly know what the entire document represents in detail for their consideration. A well written executive summary should capture the attention of the reader and make them want to read more about whatever product or service is being proposed.

An executive summary is a run-through of key points and features of the business. It provides details of what the capabilities of the company will be and sets out to lay a complete road map about the company’s operations. It unambiguously presents the business concept, elucidating why the company is appropriately positioned for the task. It is a concise outline of the content, discoveries, and gathered recommendations contained inside the report in detail.

If preparing a business plan to focus on the physical or financial aspects of the business, the executive summary ought to highlight the main purpose. For ongoing or growth oriented companies it should incorporate past and present accomplishments along with future projections.

What goes into writing a executive summary.

The philosopher Blaise Pascal best put it in “The last thing one discovers in composing a work is what to put first”. This is exactly what happens in preparing the executive summary for your business. It really does make sense to write it last, this ensures that you are able to include everything that is important to your specific business is adequately represented for the reader.

There are many different names and formats for the major components that make up an executive summary, but don’t let this confuse you. The right one depends more on the type of business, service, or product your business plan is about. All executive summaries include:

The length and depth of each of these components of the executive summary will vary greatly depending on the type of business, service or product it is about. It is not unreasonable to expect to make adjustments to the amount of detail presented in the executive summary for the intended reader or audience. Customizing the executive summary to meet the detail needs of whom it is being presented to will be an important thing to keep in mind prior to any meetings.

Mistakes to avoid when writing a executive summary

The executive summary is not a small scale variant of the whole business plan. The real purpose of the executive summary is to tempt the reader to audit the information presented or read the entire business plan.

It should be brief, the length of the executive summary should complement the entire document without divulging certain specifics or being too technical. Think of an executive summary as being much like your business plan’s resume. Ideally the executive summary should be one to three pages long depending on the overall length and detail of the entire business plan. .

Most common made mistakes done when writing a executive summary include:

How to begin writing a advertising outdoor services business plan executive summary.

To Begin writing an executive summary start with a rough draft of the overall business, service or product the entire business plan will be about, knowing that it will need to be rewritten after the entire document is complete to ensure that all key points and sections are properly represented or highlighted in final version of the executive summary.

advertising outdoor services executive summary


This section is the only portion of the business plan that anyone who sees your business plan is sure to read with care before deciding if they want to know more about your business, service or product idea.

how to write a advertising outdoor services executive summary

Keep in Mind

Even though a business plan begins with an executive summary, it is the last piece to be composed after the whole business plan has already been finished.

  • It should be brief, maybe a few pages in length depending on the overall complexity of the business and material contained in the entire business plan.
  • It should not contain anything that is not further explained or available in detail within the business plan.
  • It should clearly ask for what you need.
  • Have someone else proofread your business plan.
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Need more help?

The Printedtree advertising outdoor services business plan bundle comes with a guide showing you step-by-step how to write an executive summary. The included sample advertising outdoor services business plan allows you to see a prewritten executive summary along with the rest of the entire sample business plan. The bundle also includes additional templates, worksheets, examples, and resources to further assist you in completing your business plan.